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The Dreamer 


My name is Rivka, and I am passionate about birth and justice. I have travelled the world, and lived in many places.


Here in Montreal, I have been working with birthing families for many years. Many small humans have greeted me as they arrived. I work with families from many nations, from many backgrounds.


For years, I have had a dream of creating a space where people could come together and feel happy. This space is the Caffe della Pace, the Peace Café.


At the Peace Café, everything is homemade! We specialize in homemade food, home made and designed furniture and a welcoming, family feeling.


We make our own bread, sweet delights, jams, and sauces: even mayonnaise is prepared in-house under the talented hands of the culinary wizard.


I am looking forward to greeting you in our space, and hope that you will feel at home and at peace in the Caffe della Pace.

The Culinary Wizard


My name is Giacomo and I love food. I was born on an organic farm in Italy where I spent most of my childhood surrounded by family, nature and good, healthy, home-cooked food. We had a garden, a vineyard and endless fields of grain. My mom would grind her own flour, grow all her own vegetables and my dad even made his own wine from our vineyard. When I came to Canada and got to the age where I had to decide a future for myself, it was a no brainer. I wanted to be a cook.


I’ve been cooking ever since I can remember. My first job, at 16, was in the kitchen of a small restaurant in Florence, Italy. In 2011, I enrolled at Lasalle College in their Professional Cooking program. Surrounded by the chaos and stress of a true commercial food atmosphere, I started to figure out what kind of cook I wanted to be. With the help and inspiration of the friends I met in cooking school and throughout my kitchen life, it all began to come together.


My dream is to bring the wholesome vibe of sharing a home-cooked meal, surrounded by your family in a old stone Italian farmhouse, to the table of any food-loving city dweller. I believe in the goodness of healthy ingredients, the flavours and tastes of a well balanced dish and the company with whom you share those meals.

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